In Love With Money

In this sequel to his earlier novel, author Benjamin Sibanda takes the characters introduced in When Freedom Came, Godknows Kuzvida and Bill Chiipe, further into independence and into their more mature selves. After being freed from remand prison following his incarceration for suspected fraud, Godknows Kuzvida comes home to find he hasno wife, no company, no job […]

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Escape from Freedom - Benjamin Sibanda


This book is dedicated to the many Africans who have perished in all forms of political violence in their own countries or as a result of xenophobic attacks in foreign lands. It also remembers those that have perished as they attempt the hazardous journeys that they feel compelled to take as they escape from this

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One of the questions I’ve often been asked by budding writers since publishing my two books is, ‘which is the better way to publish; Self Publishing or traditional publishing?’ My answer has always been pretty consistent. Self publishing if you want to be published quickly, but you have to have a strong marketing strategy. With

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whose land it anyway

Whose LAND is it ANYWAY

In 1980, Zimbabwe gained its independence from a minority white government. Tribes of indigenous black people expected to reclaim their ancestors’ land, which had been taken over by white farmers. But after twenty years, the tribes were still forced to live on barren, crowded “reserves.” Now, as Who’s Land Is It Anyway begins, it’s 2000,

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This is a novel about one Godknows Kuzvida who, having grown up in racially segregated Rhodesia, finds himself travelling to the United Kingdom to further his education. Starting on the flight out, he experiences life in which, by and large, his race does not matter. Starting his adult life in a racially intergrated society with


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