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In Love With Money
In this sequel to his earlier novel, author Benjamin Sibanda takes the characters introduced in When Freedom Came, Godknows Kuzvida and Bill Chiipe, further into independence and into their more mature...
whose land it anyway
Book Review - Whose Land Is It Anyway
“Whose land is it anyway” was written by Benjamin Sibangani Sibanda in 2017. This novel is a fictional story that details the events around land that took place in Zimbabwe...
Escape from Freedom - Benjamin Sibanda
This book is dedicated to the many Africans who have perished in all forms of political violence in their own countries or as a result of xenophobic attacks in foreign lands. It also remembers those that...
benjamin sibanda
So, You Believe You Can Write?
As a recently self published author, I have often been asked what it takes to get a book published. It has struck me that there are many of us out there who would like to see our thoughts and ideas in...
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