whose land it anyway

Whose LAND is it ANYWAY


In 1980, Zimbabwe gained its independence from a minority white government. Tribes of indigenous black people expected to reclaim their ancestors’ land, which had been taken over by white farmers. But after twenty years, the tribes were still forced to live on barren, crowded “reserves.”

Now, as Who’s Land Is It Anyway begins, it’s 2000, and some tribes have had enough. The Zimbabwe Patriot Alliance (ZIPA), a socialist organization, was supposed to right past wrongs, but ZIPA leaders became greedy and corrupt and did nothing to improve the plight of the displaced natives. Now a new political party is making promises…

But Chief Juru has had enough. He decides to take matters into his own hands and forcefully confront the white farmers living on his land. But will the decision-makers of Zimbabwe side with the chief or the white farmers?

Find out in this fascinating new work of historical fiction that gives a voice to the many Zimbabweans who were wronged. Along the way, the book will give you an eye-opening look at the many sticky issues intertwined in Zimbabwe’s “land question” and, perhaps, a new perspective on what it means to be fair and humane.

\”WHAT A GREAT BOOK!….A WELL WRITTEN STORY. The story and end of Themba is such a reality to many who went to the struggle but lie in unmarked graves. No one knows or cares about their contribution to our liberation;…. no one will ever hear about them.\”

Dr Backson Sibanda PHD;  Director and CEO of Bactha Consulting; International Development and Monitoring and Evaluation Expert; Author



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  1. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed both books. Being from the UK and having never set foot on the continent of Africa I was largely ignorant of Zimbabwe. I am now much wiser and have learnt in a most entertaining way. Benjamin Sibanda is a very intelligent writer with an eye for the absurd. Rhodesia and the Zimbabwe that followed were not short of flaws that let goodhearted people down. These books give them a voice, without being preachy, in an easy to read style and will raise a smile.
    I look forward to the next book.

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