The Global Fund

To my – and many others I’m sure – astonishment, our President Emmerson Dambudzo (ED) Munangagwa, apparently donated one million Dollars (American) to a global fund on HIV etc., after stopping over in Uganda where he received `The most Excellent Order of the Pearl of Africa’ from President Yoweri Museveni on the occasion of Uganda’s

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A young lady I gave a lift to into town the other day told me that she was going into hospital for a review of injuries she suffered as a result of being beaten up by people who were ‘stealing’ firewood from her resettlement farm. After the initial shock at another example of the kind

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enhlanyeni (Sindebele for ‘a place for mad people’) I remember when I was young, hearing about a place called enhlanyeni (Sindebele for ‘a place for mad people’), where one of the tests used to determine ones ‘madness’ was to give them a bucket full of holes and asking them to fetch water. If they quickly

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